EV Show – Evolution of Vehicles

Date:19/11/2011 2pm – 6pm
             20/11/2011 10am – 6pm
Future Car 「Cell」Display
Date:19/11/2011 2pm-6pm
             20/11/2011- 25/11/2011

Kick-off Ceremony
Date :19/11/2011
Time :2pm
Guest:Eric So, Multi-media Artist

Vehicles have made life so convenient for us, but how have they been evolved over the years? QRE Festival 2011 presents “EV Show - Evolution of Vehicles”, an exhibition that includes state-of-the-art electric car technologies, which features the latest models of smart, Tesla, Nissan and Toyota. In addition, Police electric vehicle and motorbike will also be displayed. Furthermore, the unique model of an electric vehicle “Cell” that belongs to the future, solely designed by Eric So, an innovative multi-media artist, will be displayed during the show. He fuses aesthetic and energy-saving elements in his design to create this unique piece. Visitors will have a chance to experience the pleasure of a free speedy ride on Tesla, an electric sports motor. The exhibition will also highlight the evolution of vehicles, their impacts on our environment and some quick tips on how to become environmental-friendly drivers.

Start Your Low Carbon Living with Environmental-Friendly Electric Vehicles

The exhibition provides a quick grasp of the latest models of electric vehicles: Tesla Roadster Sport, smart electric drive, Nissan’s Leaf and Toyota’s Prius Plug-in. The Hong Kong Police Force will also showcase the electric vehicles for their daily patrols, including Mitsubishi iMiEV and Vectrix Electric Scooter. The public is welcome to get close to take photos of the vehicles.

Well blend of Energy-Saving and Trendy Design Eric So’s “Cell” - Vehicle of The Future

Eric So, an innovative and multi-media artist, believes that individuality should prevail in the design of vehicles which belong to the future. His design of “Cell” focuses on the flexibility and versatility. The vehicle is formed by parts which can be easily detached and assembled, the single seated cart is utterly flexible for car users, additional parts can be attached depending on the needs. Definitely out of the box and present a superior sense of creativity! From 19 to 25 November, don’t miss the chance to be impressed by this marvelous piece!

Test Ride on Tesla Roadster - Experience The Pleasure of a Speedy Ride

The speedy electric sports car, Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5, is a redeveloped model of the prestigious British Lotus. This American model is powered by electricity, and can accelerate from 0 to 97km/hr in just 3.7 seconds, with a maximum speed of 212km/hr. Its performance is as far comparable to the prestigious fuel motors, and without the noise posed by engines, it is definitely a friendly model for drivers, travelers and spectators. While oil prices keep surging today, Tesla Roadster is a pioneer of electric sports cars delivering amazing speed with energy-saving.

QRE Festival 2011 has brought to you this valuable chance in meeting this special car model and experiencing a memorable test ride after the opening ceremony of QRE Festival on 19 November. A professional driver will drive and tour you around Wanchai to experience the pleasure of a speedy green ride.

Queen's Road East Festival 2011 has brought to you this valuable chance in meeting this special car model and experiencing a memorable trial ride.